8 of the Most Boring Protagonists in Video Games

Arno Dorian – Assassin’s Creed Unity

8 of the Most Boring Protagonists in Video Games

The first boring protagonist on our list, Arno is the star of one of the least memorable Assassin’s Creed games, Unity, and its lack of popularity probably has something to do with him. He’s a two-dimensional character with lackluster motivations that don’t do much for the plot of the game.

Most of the time he chases after a woman who’s occupied with more important things than a silly boy. To make matters worse, he’s unconcerned with the world around him and he’s only really interested in things that involve him and Elise.

He barely even wants to be an assassin which defeats the purpose of a game series titled “Assassin’s Creed.”

Ubisoft attempted to create another type of Ezio character which will never happen ever again. You can only have one Ezio, after all. They instead ended up creating Arno who just fell short of anything interesting.

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