9 MORE Video Games That Broke Their Own Rules

Spider Man Ps4

Actually managing to make a video game is one of the hardest things in any creative medium. More than filming actors on schedules, meeting publisher deadlines or ensuring every last brushstroke on a canvas lands in the right spot first time, the journey of a few million numbers and symbols from data to controllable art is – at least for me – truly something special.

That said, such a massive development period requires a ton of spinning plates, and in a medium where control, feel and satisfaction are often key, narrative throughlines or plot threads can take a back seat.

In development, rules are established one month or year, and ultimately discarded the next, but the tumultuous nature of game design means all those overarching connective elements are left behind.

Combine all this with some of the most ruthless fanbases on the planet – ones who’ll play their favourite experiences for thousands of hours until they can understand every last morsel of code – and you have a recipe for the tiniest of molehills becoming mountains we’ll never stop staring at.

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