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Infinix has matured its customizable user interface strategically. From the first XOS that we got most familiar with, the Chameleon, to XOS 3 Hummingbird, to now the XOS 4 Honeybee, the company has been consistent in bringing a stylish look to its phone interface.

With the new XOS 4, you get a swifter feel when surfing through the display, and brings a series of new features that make the experience even much better.

We had time to review the Infinix Hot 7, and it is with it that the Honeybee gave us some of its nector. Let’s see the new features it has.

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New icon designs

Infinix redesigns the app icons on the Honeybee interface, giving a much better visual presentation. The design is attractive, it makes you forget you are holding a mid-range smartphone; and eventually makes you want to hold it over and over again.

Expanded View: Switch between notch and normal view

The notch is good and it makes the screen look awesomely beautiful. But there are times that you will want to have the usual view on your screen especially when the notch can’t let you see some of what you want to have.

XOS 4 is designed fit around the Notch while letting the screen to offer as much more content for the larger display area. Inevitably, there is room for a switch between a normal display and one featuring a notch.

How to switch between the notch and normal view

To do this, go to the Settings on your phone, and look out for Display. Under display settings, check out the ‘Display mode of notch screen’ and select whether to use the cutout mode – where apps are displayed with a notch – or the full screen mode – where the notch is avoided.

For the cutout mode, you can customize your various apps to either be in the cutout, or for the interface to be filled with black for a full screen.

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Smart Screen Split

When you receive a message in the middle of a video playing on your screen, a pop up will float and a tap on it will create a split in the screen to let you respond to the message while you continue watching the video.

Multiple Accounts Support

Why should you struggle to look for alternatives that will make you strain over security and boundaries? If you have two app accounts, say for WhatsApp, but you only have one phone; XOS Honeybee allows you to log in to both accounts on one phone.

More Fingerprint functions

The fingerprint on Infinix phones is primarily designed for security from intruders. But the new OS adds more functions to the sensor to let you do more, ina less time period.

Fingerprint Call Recording

As you make or receive that call, you don’t have to fumble around looking for settings and options to record the conversation, No. You just have to place your finger tip on the sensor and all will be set.

Fingerprint Quick App Launch

XOS 4 also lets you use your fingerprint to unlock and open your favourite apps. You just need to set up each finger for an app, and a tap on the sensor with that finger will bring the experience to you.

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