Amazon smashed records with Prime Day 2019, beating out Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined

Amazon has released some early numbers for their Prime Day numbers from the last few days, and they’re impressive, to say the least.

Not only did Prime Members buy more than 175 million items throughout the two-day event, but it ended up being bigger than both Cyber Monday and Black Friday, combined. That’s a feat.

The regular shopping statistics were pretty crazy, but Amazon also managed to have their biggest day ever for Amazon hardware. They sold more Echo, Kindle, and Fire TV devices during these last two days than any other two day period in Amazon’s history.

Some other interesting tidbits include a total savings of over $1 billion, and that’s from customers in over 18 countries, which is also a record for Amazon. Smart home devices (including smart garage door openers, cleaning robots, and video cameras) were some of the most popular items on the site, and Eero had one of their best days ever after being purchased by Amazon not too long ago.

Did you buy anything worthwhile on Prime Day this year?

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