Amazon’s latest massive purchase is the mesh network company Eero

Eero was one of the first companies to dive into mesh networking, and they’ve consistently delivered some killer products. But like all tech companies and startups, the main goal for these smaller players is to eventually get scooped up by a bigger fish, and that’s where Eero is going next.

Amazon has announced that they’ll be acquiring Eero to help bolster their place in the smart home market.

This acquisition, at least for the near future, won’t see Eero getting eaten up into an Alexa product or won’t have it discontinued. So if you currently have an Eero, you’re good, don’t panic yet. Amazon will allow Eero to keep doing their thing.

If nothing else this is likely going to help Eero continue making products indefinitely, and Amazon will almost certainly be injecting plenty of cash for mesh network innovation from Eero. But anytime Amazon takes part in something, there are other concerns about privacy and security, and I don’t think that’s going to be any different here.

Buckle up.

via: The Verge

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