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Landing on the Moon in 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped out of the rover where he uttered his iconic words but according to a former BBC broadcaster, the words could well have been lost.

Speaking on the moment, James Burke, revealed how one of his producers ordered him to talk during the moment where Mr Armstrong made his famous speech.

Speaking on the moment, Mr Burke said: “The really serious challenge was to keep your mouth shut, because the worst thing you could do would be to talk when an astronaut was talking.

“I’ll never forget when Neil Armstrong went out through the door and headed down the steps – I stopped talking and one of the control gallery people said in my ear, ‘Say something’.

“I thought, ‘No, don’t’. Imagine opening your mouth and talking over him saying, ‘One small step for man’.”

BBC One stayed continuously on-air throughout the all-night Apollo 11 mission.

The revelation comes as the BBC has released a series of unseen interviews detailing the channel’s coverage of the mission.

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Unfortunately, Mr Armstrong passed away in 2012 although his colleagues, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins both celebrated the anniversary of their incredible mission.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the landing, Mr Collins returned to the site at the Florida Kennedy Space Center.

Moreover, Mr Collins also marked the precise time in which the flight took off – 09.32am (1.32pm BST).

Speaking to NASA TV, Mr Collins spoke of the sheer power they felt from the rocket.

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Mr Collins: “The shockwave from the rocket power hits you.

“Your whole body is shaking.

“This gives you an entirely different concept of what power really means.”

Alone at the space centre, Mr Collins wished that his fellow astronauts could have been there to join him.

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