Bitcoin Price Targets $100,000 in ‘No Sweat’ Rally: Max Keiser

Max Keiser is well-known for his bullish, and sometimes outrageous, bitcoin price predictions.

It was only a few days ago that the self-described “tweet poet” endorsed John McAfee’s $1 million bitcoin price prediction, and now he is doubling, or rather tripling down on his own $100,000 estimate.

Max Keiser believes bitcoin can equal gold

Max Keiser has been calling for a $100,000 bitcoin price for a long time, telling everyone to stack the flagship cryptocurrency as it is on track to beat all asset classes thanks to its massive upside potential. The good news is that Keiser’s price prediction is based on a solid plank that a few others on Wall Street will agree with.

Keiser believes that bitcoin will continue running higher because it has the potential to take market share away from gold.

This is not the first time that a crypto bull has said that bitcoin has the potential to replace gold as a safe-haven asset.

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