Cart before horse: Sony’s Xperia 2 makes the rounds before the Xperia 1 can even ship

The Xperia 1 was leaked, announced, and went up for sale a few months ago, but despite that, it’s pretty much MIA already. There’s very little buzz around the internet about it, and it’s not set to ship until next month, at least in the US.

But that’s never stopped the rumor mill. Now we’re getting a full look at the Xperia 2, which might be the first time we’ve ever seen a phone’s successor leak before the original phone’s street date.

The Xperia 2 seems to keep most of what Sony has hyped up about the Xperia 1, including the design and extremely tall aspect ratio. It’s too early to tell if that 21:9 aspect ratio is going to be a hit, but Sony’s doubling down on it, anyway. The screen is slightly smaller at just 6.1 inches, as opposed to the Xperia 1’s relatively large 6.5-inch display.

Other leaked specs include a Snapdragon 855 CPU with 6GB of RAM, and a pretty small 3000mAh battery with wireless charging. Those specs are notably identical to the Xperia 1, which means this thing won’t even be much of an “upgrade.” In fact, if it doesn’t get any camera upgrades, it really might just be an Xperia 1 variant with a different design.

Knowing Sony’s affinity for IFA announcements, there’s a pretty solid chance that we’ll see this phone made official in September. Which means if you’ve pre-ordered an Xperia 1, well, you might want to hold off just a little bit longer to see if you can get the slightly improved version. It’ll likely be the same price, anyway.

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