Chandrayaan 2 to launch on July 15, confirms ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation today revealed the date and time of the Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission.

In a press conferene today, Isro chairman K Sivan admitted that there have been delays but now the agency is ready to launch the mission.

Sivan said that the Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission will be launched on July 15 at 2.51 am.

He said that the space mission will ultimately benefit the common man.

Chandrayaan 2 has three components including a 25 kg rover which is approximately 1 meter in length. Besides, it will have an orbiter and a lander.

These three are fitted in GSLV-MK III rocket.

As per ISRO, after launch into earth bound orbit by GSLV MK-III, the integrated module will reach Moon orbit using Orbiter propulsion module. Subsequently, Lander will separate from the Orbiter and soft land at the predetermined site close to lunar South Pole. Further, the Rover will roll out for carrying out scientific experiments on the lunar surface. Instruments are also mounted on Lander and Orbiter for carrying out scientific experiments.

As per ISRO, the mission will start sending data from the moon from September.

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