Check out the new emoji coming to your phone in Android Q

Google has released a sneak peek at some of the new emoji coming to Android Q later this year, rounding out your options for 21st century communication.

There are some much-requested additions, including new animals, food, and plain yellow-faced emoji.

There’s going to be an orangutan, an otter, and a sloth; you’ll be able to talk about waffles and garlic, and there’s a new yawning emoji for when someone’s texting you about new emoji additions and you just can’t keep the conversation going.

There are also some new inclusive additions, including couples with 71 different skin tone variations, more current emojis that are less gender-specific, and a guide and service dog. There are hearing aid emojis, plus some wheelchairs and canes to better represent as many people as possible.

These emoji will be available immediately following the Android Q update, so Pixel phones will be among the first to get them. Although if you’re rocking a device with access to the Android Q beta, you can get the emoji party started a little early.

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