Coleen Rooney blows up the internet with Rebekah Vardy revelati

You might not know who Coleen Rooney is – or Rebekah Vardy come to that – but the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney has blown up the internet with a single tweet.

For those who aren’t aware, the Rooneys are both constantly hounded by the UK national press for salacious stories and gossip. Some newspapers will do anything to get hold of stories about them both, no matter whether there is any basis on truth. Including paying a close friend to spill the beans.

However, that practice has backfired on both The Sun and fellow footballer’s wife Rebekah Vardy, former friend of Coleen.

Someone had been leaking Mrs Rooney’s private Instagram posts to the paper, which lead to her undertaking a clever piece of online detective work to find out who. Which included seeding false, often ludicrous stories that The Sun ended up publishing.

We’ll let Mrs Rooney’s tweet explain all…

The backlash has exploded on Twitter, with often hilarious effect. Here are some of our favourites we’ve found so far.

And one that particularly made us chuckle, posted by TV star and producer, Richard Osman…

As of yet, Rebekah Vardy herself has not responded. We very much expect she’ll be keeping her head down for the foreseeable future.

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