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Earlier in the month, Lexus brought a convertible LC to the United Kingdom’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. While the car came clad in silvery camouflage and was officially referred to as a “prototype,” we didn’t take it all that seriously. Drop-top cars haven’t been in vogue for quite some time and — if we’re being honest — the LC hasn’t been super popular either.

A lot of that has to do with the coupe boasting an entry point of nearly six-figures. Sleek and sexy, the LC makes a wonderful grand tourer for those seeking something a bit more plush than a Porsche 911 and are willing to sacrifice a bit of performance for said luxury. However most people with the means to pick between the two will still select the more-expensive, and hardcore, German.

For holdover convertible enthusiasts, there wasn’t even a choice to be made. Porsche was offering an open-air experience while Toyota’s luxury arm was not — and had not since 2015. But that’s about to change, because Lexus has confirmed that the LC convertible will eventually enter production. 

The Japanese automaker verified the move with Automotive News on Monday, saying it would begin assembly “in the near future.” But it was dropping unsubtle hints to the rest of us prior to that (including a concept), suggesting an open-air LC would broaden the company’s lineup and give “a sense of a completeness to the brand’s flagship models.” It even referenced a probable production model, without explicitly stating there would actually be one. Now we know better.

For our money, this seems like a decent decision. While your author prefers being exposed to the elements on two wheels, rather than four, exceptions can be made for a more-traditional GT — which is what the LC is. Lexus’ current flagship (RIP, LFA) is not so much about achieving the best lap times and seeing what the car is like a ten tenths, it’s about making a visual statement and giving the auto an aggressive nudge here and there during a weekend road trip to somewhere nice.

Details on the car are, as of yet, nonexistent. Presumably it’ll be the standard LC but, you know, without a roof. Available in LC 500 and LC 500h hybrid formats, the current LC line starts at $93,225 (after delivery fees) for a coupe producing 471 horsepower from its 5.0-liter V8 with power routed to the rear wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. Optioning the hybrid reduces horsepower and raises the price… but it’s your money.

Lexus said to expect more details later this year.

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