Could the Essential Phone 2 launch be imminent?

Following multiple hints at a sequel to the infamous notch-introducing Essential Phone from Android founder Andy Rubin, the man himself has announced an announcement.

Andy Rubin, founder of Android, released the first device from his mobile startup Essential, the PH-1 (Ph-one), in late 2017 to a less-than-stellar reception with problems across the board from horrifically buggy software despite being bone-stock Android Nougat, horrific display lag from the thin touchscreen, terrible cameras, and innumerable other issues.

Over the last two years Essential has proven themselves great software supporters with updates for the Essential Phone simultaneously – and sometimes even before – Google‘s own Pixels (barring the first 6 months where Essential took an inordinate amount of time to release Oreo); however, unfortunately, many of the device’s problems persist (I own one).

Look at that beautifully minimalist back

Despite all the Essential Phone’s many, many flaws however, fans and even onlookers remain remarkably excited at the prospect of a sequel due to all of Essential’s great features like the excellent design and build, and of course that software support; the Essential Phone is the only non-Google device to have participated in both the Android Pie and current Android Q betas.

Well, after months of little dropped hints and tiny promises, and random acquisitions of companies like Newton Mail, the controversial leader himself, Andy Rubin, has announced… an announcement!

Obviously there’s no word yet on any details of the device nor its launch, but Andy Rubin hinted it would be coming soon with “Hang tight”; there is a decent chance that whatever Andy is referencing the launch of is not actually an Essential Phone 2 given they supposedly cancelled it a year ago, however given the context it seems far more likely that it actually is a new phone.

Stay tuned to Talk Android for all the details when the launch does finally come!

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Oscar has been a tech enthusiast for a decade, though only finally getting his first smartphone with an HTC One M7, and moving to a OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, and now an Essential Phone. Now studying astrophysics and linguistics, Oscar has become immersed in the evolving phone industry, with a great memory for specs and details, he is always looking to find the greatest value and most innovative phones.

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