Get a SIM-free Samsung S10e and free headphones from £319 with this brilliant deal

We’re always scouting out the best deals on the world’s best tech. That means that we can say with certainty that when a deal catches our eye, it is one well worth going for. The most recent apple of our eye comes from Samsung with an offer that’s hard to refuse.

The essential premise of the deal is this. Buy a SIM-free Galaxy S10e straight from Samsung and get a free pair of AKG N60 wireless headphones (normally worth £269).

While the promise of a free pair of headphones is already a pretty great bonus, it gets better. Thanks to Samsung’s trade-in scheme, you could knock the price of the phone all the way down to as low as £319 depending on what device you trade in.

Considering a Samsung Galaxy S10e deal SIM-free costs £669, that means you could get the phone for over half its price and still get the free headphones at the same time.

This offer comes to a close on July 10 so you have plenty of time to decide which S10e colour suits you best (we suggest Canary Yellow for pure eccentric value!).

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