Google says they’ll fix the security of the Pixel 4’s facial unlock in the next few months

Google brought a new form of facial recognition to the Pixel 4, allowing users to unlock their device with a scan of their face. That’s generally a more secure way to handle device unlocking, at least compared to a fingerprint scanner, even if it’s a little less convenient.

But there’s a catch; it was pretty quickly discovered that the facial unlock of the Pixel 4 still works, even if you’re asleep, dead, or otherwise incapacitated. We probably don’t need to explain why that’s a security problem.

Google has fortunately noticed the issue, and said they’re working on a fix for the problem in the next few months. Earlier, leaked builds of the Pixel 4 seemed to have a toggle that would require attention for face unlock, but that’s currently missing in the phone’s current software. Google plans on going back, finishing that feature, and deploying it in a software update. Probably should have just done that to begin with, but hey, at least we know something’s in the works.

So if you decide to get a Pixel 4 early, just remember to be careful with your security for a few months. Maybe use a passcode instead of any biometrics until that update rolls in.

via: Android Police

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