Google thinks it’s a good idea to try and make another social media network

Google’s favorite pastime is apparently making social media networks that are doomed to fail, and it’s been a few years since they’ve introduced a new one. Their latest is called Shoelace, and it’s trying to be really social. This is clearly something that Google struggles to do well, but sure the 3rd 9th time is the charm, right?

Alright, so what is Shoelace? It’s an app that’s designed to help match you up with other people that share your interests. If you like going to the movies or hiking, for example, Shoelace will try and find other people in your area that also like those things and pair you up for local activities. It’ll plan the events for you and your friends, and will help you try and make new friends in the process. Sounds good!

For right now, the app is only available in New York City, and it’s invite-only. For something that’s reliant on local activities, I can totally understand the city-exclusivity period while they build out the platform to work in other places with local events. But the invite-only thing? That feels like another misstep that’s going to cripple the service’s chances right out of the gate.

When Facebook originally started, it was invite-only and exclusive to college students. At the time, that made sense, and it built up a lot of hype and excitement for people wanting to get in. But that invite and walled garden system really only works if people are clamoring to get in, and after so many failed attempts at social networking and the fact that all of their friends won’t be on the service, I doubt people will be knocking the doors down to get on Shoelace.

And when it does launch, it’ll launch with a very small amount of excitement, some of us may sign up and tinker around on it for a couple weeks, then it’ll go the way of Google+. Have you read this story before?

via: Android Central

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