Google wants to make ads much more noticeable on your phone

Google makes a ton of different things, and they have their hands in several different cookie jars, but at the end of the day they make their money via advertising. There are a few paid Google services floating around that may or may not be doing very well, but advertising is a solid money maker for the company.

So, of course, if they’re given the opportunity, Google will want to bring more ads to their services to try and bring in more income. That’s going to start happening to your Android phones, too.

The Discover feed on the far left side of Android home screen launchers will be leveraged to start displaying more advertisements soon, which means you’ll have ads by default on many Android phones. I feel like that’s going to bring a big spike in third-party launchers.

But even on a different launcher, you’ll still start to see more ads on your phone due to some new image gallery ads in mobile searches done through Google. These ads will now give users several pictures to flip through, which Google says improves interaction up to 25% compared to traditional search ads. These ads are going to become much more prevalent by the end of the year.

These ads are only rolling out to mobile users, and won’t affect desktop usage. Makes sense, considering “swiping through images” doesn’t make as much sense on a desktop or laptop.

Nobody really likes ads, but they also help make a lot of content and services free. And at least with Google’s ads being a little more visual they’ll be more pleasant to look at.

via: The Verge

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