Grab this smartphone customization app from OnePlus’s wallpaper designer

If you want to grab the wallpapers from the OnePlus 7, you can do that. OnePlus’s wallpaper designer, Hampus Olsson, has uploaded them all for everyone to use on his blog, but he’s taking things a step further this time by also releasing an app with all of his work.

This free-to-download app features over 300 wallpapers, including everything from every OnePlus phone, plus tons of his other work, all in 4K resolution and an easily downloadable format for your smartphone. There’s a ton of stuff here for just about anyone looking for that bit of extra device customization.

The app is free, but there’s a $1.99 in-app purchase for a few of the wallpapers. That payment also guarantees you access to every wallpaper that’s added in the future. Not a bad price for something as esteemed as this guy.

Get it now: Play Store

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