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Wireless charging is incredibly convenient, but it can be a little tougher to get it working in your car. And if you travel a lot, or you have a long commute to work, charging in your car might be a bigger deal than charging your phone overnight.

There are tons of wireless car chargers in all kinds of different form factors to try and bring that wireless convenience to your vehicle, with varying degrees of success. We had a chance to play with Choetech’s wireless charging car mount to see if it can hold up to living in a car and keeping a phone charged up throughout the day.

Choetech’s design for their car charger is simple, but effective. It has a 360-degree rotation for the phone cradle, so you can mount your phone in portrait, landscape, or upside down. Being able to use it upside down is particularly useful if you don’t have a solid place to mount the charger and need to use your windshield as an anchor point instead.

The arms are also easily manipulated to adjust the length and angle, which means it can fit into just about any space in even the smallest cars. I don’t have a ton of clearance between my dash and windshield, so taller mounts simply don’t work, but I had no issues making Choetech’s mount work. I had to keep the angle smaller to fit underneath the windshield, but it worked with no problem.

The entire mount is anchored in place with a suction cup. Some cheaper suction cup mounts honestly make me pretty nervous, especially because of the heat where I live, but this mount seems to have held up really well. Even after baking in a hot car all day, it holds steady through any turns and stops. I don’t have trust issues with $1000 phones sitting in this thing.

There’s also a button on the backside of the mount that can be pressed to widen the arms. You typically push that button to release your phone from the cradle, then clamp the arms in to hold your phone in place. This makes it a little more difficult to get your phone out while driving, but I’m gonna say that’s probably an unintended feature, not a bug. It seems like it’ll support even some really big phones, too. Choetech says it fits Galaxy Notes, and I managed to fit a OnePlus 7T in it without issues, even though that phone doesn’t support wireless charging. Gigantic cases on bigger phones may cause a problem, but for most people, there’s no concern here.

The charger built into Choetech’s mount can output up to 10W for phones that support it. It doesn’t do 15W wireless charging (although for $30 I really didn’t expect it to) so it won’t saturate a Galaxy Note 10, but 10W is still capable of a pretty decent charging speed. Choetech recommends a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 car plug to ensure the fastest possible speeds. I’ve been using an Anker plug to keep things working, and so far I’ve had no issues, but keep in mind that Choetech does not include on in the box.

Wireless charging, as always, is a little bit slower than just plugging a phone in. But even on longer trips with music playing through Bluetooth and navigation going, the car charger had no problem keeping my phones topped off and working. It doesn’t get particularly hot, either, which is sometimes a concern with wireless chargers. Cases don’t seem to make a difference, but I also don’t use bulky cases, either.

As a regular mount everything worked well, too. The mount didn’t jostle around during car rides, and the arms clamp phones very securely. There’s a cutout at the bottom of the cradle, too, so even if you’re using a phone like the OnePlus 7T that doesn’t do wireless charging you can still easily fit a cable in while using the mounting part of this charger.

Oh, the charger uses a USB C port, too. You won’t need to keep up with a useless old microUSB cable just for this thing.

At $30 (or $42 with the QC adapter) this seems like one of the cheapest and most well-built wireless car charger mounts available. There are cheaper options without wireless charging, of course, and there are fancier models if you want to spend more money, but Choetech seems like they hit the sweet spot of price/performance. You’re getting something that doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off your dash, it charges quickly, and it uses a modern cable instead of microUSB or mini USB.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but honestly, if there are any cons to this little gadget, I didn’t find them. Definitely worth the $30 to not have to deal with wired charging in the car.

Choetech Wireless Car Charger Mount | $30 | Amazon, Choetech

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