How Boomerang and Layouts are about to change IG Stories

It looks like Instagram’s Stories feature will soon get a major update soon that adds several new Boomerang and Layouts modes.

First, let’s back up: Instagram offers a couple standalone apps. There’s Boomerang, which takes a burst of photos, speeds them up, and plays them forward and backward to create a looping Boomerang video; and then there is Layouts, which provides a seamless way to make collages. At the moment, however, Instagram requires you to download the standalone Layouts app if you want to post collages to your Instagram feed.

Anyway, according to app research Jane Manchun Wong, who has a great record when it comes to leaking upcoming software features before they’re even announced, Instagram is planning to update Stories with five new Boomerang modes. For instance, a new Hold mode will add a pause at the end of each loop. Another, called Dynamic, adds a twitch to loops. Manchun Wong created mock-ups of the new modes on her blog.

Jane Manchun WongHow Boomerang and Layouts are about to totally change Instagram Stories image 2

Instagram may also integrate functionality from its Layout app so that you can upload collages directly into Stories. Manchun Wong grabbed photos from her phone’s Camera Roll, plus captured new ones with Instagram’s Story Camera, and then she arranged them with six different layouts.

Aside from Boomerang and Layouts modes, Instagram is also developing feeds that allow you to share post comments with others. The company may launch notification filters, too, making it easier to see who is liking, commenting and following you.

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