Huawei’s Harmony OS-powered Vision TV is now launching internationally

Huawei’s latest and greatest smart TV is soon launching in Europe after debuting its new operating system and other features in China earlier in 2019.

Huawei first announced its plans to launch a new, somewhat-Android-based operating system many months ago during the initial targeted Presidential US trade ban against the Chinese mega-corporation, and only finally debuted it in a product a month ago with their ‘Vision TV’ in their home country.

Well now Huawei is going global with their popup camera-toting television by launching the (Honor) Vision TV in Europe with 65inch and 75inch models and 55inch and gargantuan 85inch variants to follow.

As a refresher, the Vision TV comes in the four aforementioned sizes, each with 4K Samsung ‘Quantum Dot’ (VA) panels, a set of eight speakers and a subwoofer, the aforementioned surprising popup selfie camera, and Huawei’s own Harmony OS which offers a suite of features including a sort of giant ‘Facetime’ communication option and face recognition and Kinect-ish skeletal motion tracking all running on the company’s custom ‘Hongshu 818’ octa-core silicon.

There’s no word on European pricing yet which could make or break their value offerings, but I’d expect it to be fairly premium though not too bad.

Source: Android Authority

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