Microsoft updates “Your Phone” app to check your battery status on your computer

Microsoft has updated the “Your Phone” app, which is the company’s ticket to integrating your smartphone and Windows 10 computer. Since Microsoft has long since dropped out of the smartphone game, this is the next best thing to having Windows in your pocket, and it works really well with Android so far.

The app keeps getting new features, with the latest feature update bringing a battery status indicator to the app. Now when your phone is paired to your Windows computer via the app, you can check how much charge your phone has left, right from your desktop. As of right now that’s only in testing for Windows Insiders, but will likely very soon roll out to more users.

On top of that, the app is preparing phone calls, too. This one’s a little more involved, though, since you’ll have to pair your phone with your computer over Bluetooth. At that point it’s essentially acting as a Bluetooth headset and will be able to make and receive calls, plus have full access to your contacts. Pretty neat, and very similar to iMessage/Facetime.

Keep an eye out for these updates soon, unless you’re a Windows Insider. Those users will probably already have these new tricks to test out.

via: XDA Developers

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