MIUI 11 is releasing in just a few days

Xiaomi’s Indian Twitter account has just announced the date for their upcoming MIUI 11 software update, albeit with pretty limited details. The teaser on their Twitter account drops the October 16th launch date, but it leaves us in the dark about what devices can expect the update.

Since the tweet came from Xiaomi’s Indian account, it’s pretty likely that the Indian market will be at the forefront of the update wave, but we don’t know for certain. A follow-up tweet from the account mentioned a minimalistic design, so that could definitely be a main selling point of the update.

Xiaomi has recently said that MIUI 11 will be one of the fastest rollouts that they’ve ever done, so whatever happens, hopefully you won’t have to wait too long if you’re rocking a supported device.

Xiaomi India (Twitter)

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