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By Nick Tirella

PHOENIX – Despite the ever-growing digital media market offering streaming services set with all your favorite shows, it seems that it’s actually on the decline. According to Deloitte’s 13th annual digital media trends survey, millennials are more willing to pay for video game subscriptions rather than TV.

Video game subscriptions can differ between games. Usually, it’s known as a ‘season pass’ which can vary in price, similar to a streaming service. But a ‘season pass’ will allow you to level up faster, unlock special items and be able to play the latest content from the studio.

Deloitte’s survey says just last year, there was an increase in the percentage of millennial consumers paying for video game subscriptions rather than TV from 44% last year to 53% this year. The reason for the increase in subscriptions to video games is simple: TV ads. 

Ads on average usually top off at 20 minutes per hour of watching a show. 75% of consumers say that is way too much while 82% will be frustrated seeing the same ad over and over again.

Consumers in the survey said no more than eight minutes of ads per hour is suitable for watching TV. While playing video games, there aren’t ads that pop up or stop you from playing the game due to the subscriptions you’re paying for. 

Just like how you can watch shows from your living room TV to your phone, video games can do the same and offer more. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch are very adaptable to the environment- whether you plug it in the base station and play on your TV or unplug and take it with you on vacation.

The ability to play video games on your phone has also increased since 2015 from 70% to 80% and decreased traditional video game platforms like playing on a personal computer (PC Master Race) from 77% to 48%. With mobile games like Pokémon GO, Minecraft and even Fortnite, it seems that mobile gaming is going to rise in popularity and advertisers are seeing this too.

Besides playing video games, consumers also watch other people play video games. In the survey, it states that 41% of consumers play video games while 33% watch esports (electronic sports). Whether it is a competitive esport game like Blizzard’s Overwatch, Riot Game’s League of Legends or watching someone streams gameplay on Twitch, advertisers will soon follow and see the potential of gaming.

What do you think? Are you a gamer or a binger? 

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