Motorola has a solution for everyone that refuses to turn their phone to record smartphone videos

Smartphones have revolutionized the video industry, but it hasn’t all been positive. Being able to capture video anywhere, anytime is excellent, and you can even get really creative with some smartphone videography, but some people refuse to hold their phone properly when recording video.

Yep, I’m talking about people that record something important, and they hold their phone straight up, in a portrait orientation. We watch video in wide aspect ratios, why wouldn’t you turn your phone to match that?

Unfortunately, breaking everyone’s habit of being lazy with their smartphone videos isn’t feasible. So Motorola’s solution is to instead pack in an ultrawide angle into the Motorola One Action that will literally allow you to record video with your phone upright, but the camera will record in landscape so all of your videos aren’t immediately ruined. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

It’s a true ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, too, so you’re getting real cinematic shots out of the phone. It seems like something that should’ve been included in the Xperia 1, but hey, that’s a topic for another time. That particular sensor is just one of three cameras on the Motorola One Action, however, so the whole package is designed to take great, fast photos and videos and keep up with an active lifestyle.

The camera is the biggest selling point of the phone, but other specs are worth mentioning. The phone sports a 21:9, 6.3-inch display, not unlike the Xperia 1 family, and it’s powered by an Octa-core processor with 128GB of storage and a generous 3500mAh battery, and it’s utilizing newer UFS storage, too. You should be able to zip through just about any task with this thing, and with the ample amounts of storage you don’t need to worry about filling it up with those videos, either.

Lenovo only seems to want to launch this in limited markets, like some of their other phones this year. This keeps it from competing with the Moto G line in the US, but it’s still disappointing that some of the biggest innovation from the company is seeing a very limited release. You can expect to find the phone in Brazil, Mexico, and a few European countries for €259, with more countries to follow. Western markets can expect to see an unlocked model release in October of this year.

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