NASA news: Expert reveals chance of alien encounter getting ‘better and better’ | Science | News

Astrobiologist Alfonso Davila explained that the NASA space agency is improving how it searches for alien life in the universe. While on the NASA podcast On a Mission Mr Davila explained the chance of an alien encounter is getting “better and better” as they search in more “promising areas.” The NASA scientist also explained that the world has learnt a staggering amount in 30 years about the surrounding universe and the possibility of alien life.

Mr Davila went on to explain how 30 years ago our understanding of alien life was vastly different to what we know now and this better allows scientists around the globe to search for alien phenomenon in the correct places.

When asked by the podcast host Abby Tabor whether there was life beyond Earth, the astrobiologist gave a stunning reply.

He said: “Short answer, we don’t know.

“This is the exact reason we have to search.

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“But I will say this, the more that we explore the odds are looking better and better that we will find something out there.”

The podcast host agreed and insisted that she was glad to hear that news.

Mr Davila continued: “Think about it, 30 years ago, what did we know about other planets and the possibility of life out there?

“We knew that there was at least one planet that was inhabited, that was us, Earth.

“But fast forward thirty years later and we know that there are moons in the outer solar system around Jupiter and Saturn that have some surface oceans of liquid water, wow.

“We know that there are millions of planets around other stars with some of them the right distance from their sun that liquid water could be stable on the surface.

“So these look like very promising places to look and search for alien life.”

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