NASA news: Space agency unveils super-quiet experimental jet that is after than sound | Science | News

NASA said: “In the high desert of California, some of the most important aircraft in aviation history have been built and flown.

“NASA’s X-59 QueSST is an experimental piloted aircraft designed to fly faster than sound without producing the annoying – if not alarming – sonic booms of previous supersonic aircraft.

“It is the latest craft to take shape at Skunk Works, a renowned Lockheed Martin division that for the past 76 years has used a unique approach to design and manufacturing that has produced the nation’s most advanced aeroplanes.”

The US space agency shared an artist’s render of the sleek, red-blue-and-white rocket in the skies.

Lockheed Martin is assembling the aircraft in Palmdale, California.

X-59 project manager Craig Nickol said: “It’s pretty obvious when you look at it on the production floor.

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