OnePlus announced the OnePlus 7T Pro today; here’s what you missed

OnePlus pulled back the curtains on the OnePlus 7T Pro today, which was a phone that we weren’t even sure existed. The OnePlus 7T dropped a few weeks ago, but the Pro model was totally absent from the event.

Turns out that launch was simply delayed, and now the OnePlus 7T Pro is official for those of you who want the absolute best of the best that you can get out of a flagship Android phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro, refined

Like most of the OnePlus T models, this is more of an incremental upgrade instead of anything major. At a glance you really can’t tell a huge difference from the OP7 Pro and OP7T Pro. The 7T Pro still features the pop-up camera instead of a notch, and the display still stretches edge-to-edge. Most of these improvements are happening under the hood.

The processor has been upgraded to a Snapdragon 855+ CPU, and the battery has jumped to 4085mAh capacity. It also charges just a bit faster (about 23%, according to OnePlus) than its predecessor, but otherwise you’re getting a very similar phone. Same screen resolution, camera, 90hz display, RAM, storage, and whatever else.

Still no headphone jack, still no wireless charging. It’ll launch with Android 10, which is great.

Small upgrades, but still a good phone

If you’re comparing the two, the OnePlus 7T Pro is a pretty boring spec bump on paper. There are some new software features, like better low-light photography in the camera and a macro mode for super close shots, but this is really more about simplifying the lineup for OnePlus.

This time around you’re only able to get one configuration for the device, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’ll cost the same as its predecessor (£699) and will presumably replace it, so things will be a little simpler for people buying a phone. And let’s be real, 8GB of RAM is enough for most people, even for the most enthusiastic power users.

But if you want more? There’s the McLaren edition, offering more RAM and a sleek orange and black design that screams speed.

McLaren Edition OnePlus 7T Pro

The special edition of the OnePlus 7T Pro still sports the same upgraded Snapdragon 855+ CPU, but comes with 12GB of RAM like some older configurations of the OnePlus 7 Pro. You’re still getting 128GB of internal storage, and it’s still UFS 3.0 for quick reading and writing, so you’re mostly paying the £799 price for a bump in memory and a unique paint job.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but these really aren’t massive upgrades. OnePlus knows this, too, and they’re not even bringing either model to the US, at least for the near future. Maybe that’s to offset the OnePlus 7 not releasing in the US?

Either way, you’ll be able to pick up the OnePlus 7T Pro on October 17th, with the McLaren edition arriving on November 5th. Should you buy either of these phones? I really don’t know. The small upgrades make it such a hard sell. But if you’re coming into these phones for the first time, well, they’re just as appealing as more affordable flagships as ever, especially with how excellent the OnePlus 7 Pro was.

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