Oppo Reno Ace is the first phone that can fully charge its battery in 30 minutes

Oppo has announced the Reno Ace, which on the surface just looks like another flagship in a crowded market. That’s not a bad thing, but a phone with a Snapdragon 855+, tons of RAM and storage, and a multi-camera system is just pretty typical right now.

But what makes the Reno Ace stand out is its excellent battery capabilities.

Insane fast charging

Oppo has been working on fast charging battery tech, and they recently claimed to be able to fully recharge a phone battery in half an hour. That kind of fast charging wasn’t present in any of their phones, though, at least not until the Reno Ace.

Yep, this phone can completely recharge its 4000mAh battery in just 30 minutes. It gets two hours of usage from just 5 minutes on a charge, too, so overall this is the phone you want if you constantly need to charge your battery throughout the day.

The phone will go up for preorder on October 17th for ¥3,199, which is about $450. Pretty aggressively priced for this level of flagship with cutting edge battery technology, but it’s not likely to make it to many markets outside of China.

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