Plan your next vacation with Google’s new trip tools

Google might not be a travel planner, but it wants to be. They’ve recently unveiled a new consolidated set of tools to help you plan your next vacation with the Trips portal. Simply browse to and search for whatever you’re interested in, then watch Google get all of your info together for you.

This page will list flights, hotel accommodations, entertainment, and more, all in one easy-to-access place. This is actually one of the upgrades that Google brought to smartphones last year, but now you’ll be able to use it on your bigger displays.

You’ll also get some of that Google magic by seeing recommendations based on your previous searches and destinations, and once you start booking things Google will automagically add all of your events and details to your timeline and calendar. This also ties into Google Maps, which will now show you popular destinations when you’re on vacation. Later this year Maps will also show you your hotel and restaurant bookings.

source: Google

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