Pokemon Masters releases for iOS and Android devices

A new Pokmon game has arrived for iPhone and Android phones.

Made by the same team behind the popular smartphone versions of Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart, Pokemon Masters is a new mobile game with a focus on story, strategy, and battles. It’s set to be a story-driven experience, one where players will engage in three-on-three real-time battles against AI opponents. The game includes popular trainers from other core games in the franchise, too.

You’ll be partnering them with Pokémon in the all-new location of Pasio, the island home to the Pokemon Masters League. Every Pokémon in this game needs to be teamed up with their relevant trainer. The teamed up trainers and Pokémon are known as Sync Pairs. You’ll need to unlock characters to play, and that’s where microtransactions come in; you can buy different characters or recruit them.

There are 65 Sync Pairs to collect at launch.

Pokemon Masters is similar to other Pokemon games in that there’s a professor to guide you through your quests and plenty of rivals to battle against. A rich story should certainly keep things interesting. If you want to experience it for yourself, the mobile title is now available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s launching just over a month after pre-registration opened to the public.

Pokemon Masters is a collaboration between Pokemon Company and DeNA, the mobile game company that also developed Super Mario Run. Both companies have released “how to play” and gameplay-style videos to show how the game works. See one below: 

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