Pre-register for Microsoft’s Gears Pop! strategy game on the Play Store now

If you’ve ever wondered what a mash-up of Gears of War and Funko Pop figures would look like, wonder no more because Microsoft announced such a tie-up during E3, with the resulting game being called Gears Pop!. You can now pre-register for the Gears Pop! strategy game on Android on iOS.

According to the developer, Gears Pop! is an “explosive, real-time, multiplayer battle.” You’ll be able to explore the Gears universe, collecting and upgrading your GoW heroes and villains, choosing from more than 30 GoW characters in their Funko Pop guises. As mentioned, this is a strategy game so you’ll be playing against other players and collectors, trying to achieve supremacy on the Gears battlefields. There’s also good news for GoW Funko Pop figurine collectors because you can redeem the codes to your Xbox Live account.

You can pre-register for the Gears Pop! game on the Google Play Store (here) and on Apple’s App Store (here). The App Store listing for Gear Pop! says that the game is expected to be released on September 2nd, and it should a similar date where Android is concerned.

Pre-register Now: Gears Pop! Play Store Link

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