Shop eBay’s sale when Amazon’s servers crash on Prime Day

eBay certainly has a sense of humour.

It has announced a Crash Sale happening the same time as Amazon’s Prime Day shopping extravaganza. There are two reasons why it is doing this: To grab some of your attention (and money) come Prime Day, and to mock Amazon over its massive server crash that happened last Prime Day. The e-commerce giant experienced issues for hours due to heavy online traffic.

To be fair, Prime Day is Amazon’s made-up holiday designed to boost sales, and it’s been a huge success for the company. So, of course eBay would want to run its own counter-sale. It is promising deals and discounts up to 80 per cent across a variety of product categories and tech brands, including devices from Apple, Garmin, and Samsung, among others.

“eBay is primed to deliver exactly what shoppers want during this year’s crash (sale),” Jay Hanson, COO of eBay Americas, said in a statement. “July has become a massive shopping season, and our summer sales include blockbuster deals that will not disappoint.”

Amazon’s sale will start on 15 July just after midnight PT and will run for 48 hours, up from 36 hours the year before. eBay, however, is planning three weeks of deals in the lead up to its culminating Crash Sale. During the first week of July, you can expect a Fourth of July deals, for instance. Its Hot Deals for Hot Days sale will also feature standout bargains each day.

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