Tech Review: Resident Evil 2 on PS4

Pavel Barter rounds up all the news, reviews and previews in the tech and gaming world this fortnight.

Over 20 years after this sequel first stumbled onto our PlayStations in a hunt for human brains, Capcom have rejigged their zombie epic. The story is much as it was in 1998. Coiffured cop Leon Kennedy and random badass Claire Redfield arrive in Raccoon City following an undead outbreak. There’s no help found in the local cop station. Instead, the police force is in an advanced state of decomposition and an unkillable super-monster is on the prowl.

Resident Evil lost its mojo for a while. After the legendary RE4, the games veered into action-packed shooting galleries and a dire movie franchise. But after 2017’s RE7, set in a terror-drenched Lousiana swamp, the series is back on killer form.

RE2 captures everything great about the original: a perfect balance of puzzle solving and horror in which every shot counts due to limited resources. Swallow herbs to restore health; save your progress on a typewriter; cower at the grisly graphics. Resident Evil is back from the dead.



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