Tech Thursday: The latest developments around WhatsApp and Facebook

In December last year, WhatsApp announced that it would be taking legal action against those who were involved in the automated or bulk messaging on the platform. The chat-messaging app will ban accounts which use the service for non-personal use and are looking to make more changes to ensure that spammers are restricted.

According to a tweet during a Facebook Marketing Summit, Facebook will begin publishing adverts on WhatsApp’s status page starting in 2020. The ads will appear on WhatsApp stories in a move to monetise their service.

Facebook also recently announced that it would be implementing business catalogues within WhatsApp. “With catalogues, businesses can showcase their goods so people can easily discover them,” they said.

WaBetaInfo also reports that WhatsApp is currently working to implement a new feature which will allow users to share their WhatsApp status updates to Facebook. Users who have Facebook installed on their smartphone will be able to post a status update on Whatsapp and an “Add to Facebook Story” option will be available. Once you click the option the app will redirect you to Facebook to post the status but the feature will not automatically share any statuses without manual authorisation from the user.

Another new development that is rumoured to be coming to WhatsApp is an option to be able to add contacts by scanning an in-app QR code on your device.

New Huawei phones won’t have WhatsApp or Facebook installed

With Trump’s ban on Huawei, it appears as though newer models of Huawei will not have Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp pre-installed. While customers who already have Huawei phones will be able to use these apps and receive updates, new customers will have to physically download the apps.

Many smartphone vendors partner with popular apps to have them pre-installed on their phones as a matter of convenience for their customers. New Huawei users will now have to visit the Google Play store to find these apps and download them.


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