Tesla Adding Sentry Mode, Dog Mode Via Over-the-air Update

Novitec Tesla Model S

Tesla will again demonstrate the convenience of its over-the-air software updating system by adding two useful features designed to keep valuables and dogs safe. Compatible cars will begin receiving what the company refers to as Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, respectively, in February.

Company co-founder and CEO Elon Musk released preliminary details about Sentry Mode on his personal Twitter account after another user complained about his brother in law’s car getting broken into twice in a month. He explained the feature will turn the eight cameras installed in late-model Tesla vehicles into eight security guards. They’ll detect when someone gets too close to the car (whether it’s another motorist hitting it in a parking lot or a thief breaking in), automatically save the footage they record, and trigger an alarm.

What kind of alarm? You’ll know it when you hear it.

The software will blast Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor when it detects a break-in, according to Musk. He added — perhaps jokingly, perhaps not — that it will occasionally play the heavy metal version of the song.

The Dog Mode traces its roots to Twitter, too. Tesla owner Josh Atchley asked Musk for the function in October 2018. He requested a feature that lets owners keep the radio and the air conditioning on even when the car is off so that they can safely leave their dog in the cabin. Pedestrians not up-to-date on Tesla news might be tempted to break a window to rescue the pooch, so he added the car’s display screen — which is massive in the Model 3 — should display an easy-to-read message that says “I’m fine, my owner will be right back.” Musk responded with a “yes” and swiftly got to work.

Sentry Mode and Dog Mode will come to all cars with AP2+ hardware, meaning those manufactured since October 2016. That includes every single version of the Model 3. Tesla hasn’t commented on whether owners will need to pay to receive the features, but the company has often pushed improvements to its cars via over-the-air updates without asking owners to pay for them.

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