The Polk MagniFi Mini delivers excellent sound in a compact package, and it’s $80 off right now

Polk’s MagniFi Mini delivers Polk’s signature room-filling sound, like what we’ve seen in their excellent MagniFi Max soundbar, but in a significantly smaller package. It’s small enough to fit into just about any entertainment system, and it comes complete with a wireless subwoofer to add a little extra thump.

But what makes a great speaker even better? A great speaker at a great discount.

Amazon is currently running a discount on the MagniFi Mini, selling it for just $219. That’s about $80 cheaper than the list price of the soundbar, and the lowest price Amazon’s had for the soundbar in 2019.

If you’re looking to add to your smart home setup, the speaker also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, so it’ll join up with your other speakers and assistants throughout your house. It’s sure to be an upgrade over any built-in TV speakers, too, so unless you’re eyeing something bigger for a large living room, this one’s an easy purchase for anyone aiming to get better sound.

Buy it now: Amazon

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