Week in Review: AV ROI, IoT for SMBs, Tech Tariffs, etc.


This week, June 24th-28th, 2019: AV products with clear ROI, security risks for SMBs with IoT, what the big companies think of tech tariffs, and more.

Welcome to My TechDecisions Week in Review, where we round up the most important stories you might have missed this week, June 24th – June 28th, 2019. Read on to find out what’s happening this week:



Recent Audio Visual Products & Services That Will Help Your Technology Pitch

This list of audio visual products & services that clearly demonstrate ROI may be the easiest technology pitch you’ve ever made.

IoT Growth is Great, But It’s Causing SMB Security Risks

SMB security risks are more numerous in this age of IoT expansion. Here are the most prominent challenges to security caused by new developments in tech.

The Future of Cloud Services: A Comparison of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are different but they aren’t competitive. Most software-focused companies use all three. Here’s an overview of cloud services options.



What the Big 4 Laptop Manufacturers Say about the Tech Tariffs

While the U.S. president pushes for tech tariffs to also cover laptops, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, HP, and Intel argue it would be harmful to consumers.

If You’re Still Changing Your Passwords Periodically, You’re Doing It Wrong

Turns out, changing your password frequently might be doing more harm than good, and companies like Microsoft encourage end users against it.

Who Got Hacked This Week? June 24 Edition

What types of cyberattacks were carried out this week, June 24, 2019? Read on to find out about the latest cyberattacks and who got hacked this week.



Netgear Introduces Two New Switches Supporting Audio/Video Over Ethernet

AV over Ethernet solutions from Netgear take the stage at InfoComm 2019.

Hewlett Packard Plans to Transition into a Service-based Company by 2022

Entire Hewlett Packard portfolio to be offered on subscription, pay-per-use and consumption-driven basis.

The State of Artificial General Intelligence Research: An Advanced Roomba VS. A Model Brain

Artificial General Intelligence Research is pretty split and apparently very unorganized. But there are two models of cognitive architecture which prevail.

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