Will the Amazon Echo Prime Day deals be better than today’s sale?

Those super cheap Amazon Prime Day deals aren’t too far away now, just under a month if reports are to be believed. The big sales event is usually the best time of year to buy an Amazon device too.

The thing is, Amazon has been discounting its Echo smart speakers, Kindle e-readers and Fire TV Sticks a lot lately – down to the cheapest prices we’ve seen all year actually. But when we’re this close to Prime Day, we’d hate for you to feel buyer’s remorse on the day when you see an even better discount.

Multiple Amazon Echo speakers are on sale today, so let’s take a look at the chances they might be even lower in just a few week’s time and what prices we’d expect to see on Prime Day.

Amazon US deals to beat

Amazon Echo | $99.99 $79.99 at Amazon
A $20 discount is pretty appealing, but we think there’s room for improvement. Late last year it was around $70 and in recent months we’ve seen it drop to $64.99 twice. So we’d expect that cheapest price to matched at least on Prime Day.
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Amazon Echo Dot | $49.99 $29.99 at Amazon
The Echo Dot gets big discounts on a regular basis. $35 is the most consistent one, but we’re looking at a very tempting $29.99 price today. Admittedly, we briefly saw $24 late last year, but we think Amazon will stick to $29.99 on Prime Day 2019 as $24.99 never seemed to happen with previous-gen Echo Dots in the summer sale. There’s no harm in waiting to see though as we don’t see it being priced higher than this. You could buy one today, then use Prime Day to maybe buy another for a different room at home if you like it.View Deal

We’ll be covering the Echo speakers, Kindles, TVs, laptops, console and everything in between on the day, so bookmark our Prime Day roundup to see the best US deals.

Amazon UK deals to beat

Amazon Echo | £89.99 £69.99 at Amazon
The standard-sized Echo speaker doesn’t get discounted as frequently as the Dot, so £20 off today is a decent start. If you can wait though, a repeat of the £54.99 price-tag Christmas shoppers were treated too last year might not be far away.
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Amazon Echo Dot | £49.99 £34.99 at Amazon
UK prices on the Echo Dot are on offer a lot too, so timing your purchase for the lowest price can be tricky. Today’s deal looks solid, but in all honesty we’ve got used to seeing it drop to £29.99 on a regular basis, so we think that’s the price you should hold on for around Prime Day. We might even get lucky and see the £24.99 Black Friday price make a comeback. View Deal

To keep an eye on even more UK deals be sure to bookmark our full roundup for Prime Day 2019.

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