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It may sound amusing but the Rawalpindi traffic police have recently been forced to constitute supervisory teams to check if the traffic wardens have deleted video games from their mobile phones.

Not only that, the City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Faisal Rana has ordered the chief traffic officer (CTO) to constitute the supervisory teams to make sure that the wardens do not download video games again. The top traffic officer has directed the wardens to avoid taking unnecessary phone calls and sending text messages during work hours.

Rawalpindi Traffic Police’s warning has come against playing video games after commuters complained during an open hearing by the CPO that the garrison city and Murree’s traffic wardens were often found playing video games on their phones, paying little attention to regulating traffic even on busy crossroads.

The citizens have complained that though schools and colleges are currently off, the tourists’ influx causes traffic jams.

While giving directions for constituting supervisory teams, the CPO has sought a detailed report. Rana said he would carry out surprise checks on traffic wardens at various points and they will face departmental action if they are found inattentive.

Meanwhile, a police spokesperson has said the CPO has also sought reports from superintendents of police, sub-divisional police officers and station house officers on the implementation of his directives.

Reportedly, the CTO has issued directions to all 930 traffic wardens of Rawalpindi to delete games from their phones and keep it aside while working. He, however, said that not all the traffic wardens play games on their phones, adding that traffic police are a professional and responsible force and fully aware of the seriousness of the job.

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“We cannot ask them to switch off their mobile phones during duty hours as traffic wardens’ point of view is that they may receive some important phone calls from their home or urgent call from their senior officers,” said the staff officer of the City’s Traffic Police Officer.

The citizens have complained that though schools and colleges are currently off, the tourists’ influx causes traffic jams. According to traffic police, around 60,000 vehicles entered Murree and most of them came from Rawalpindi side during Eid holidays.

Reportedly, the worst-hit points on Murree Road are Old Naz Cinema Chowk, Kohati Bazaar, Liaquat Bagh Chowk and Moti Mahal Cinema Chowk where traffic remains blocked for long durations.

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The situation also leads to traffic jams in bazaars linking Murree Road including Kohati Bazaar Road, Dhoke Khaba Road, Naz Cinema road, circular road, Liaquat Road and Tipu Road.

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