You might score a free Google Home Mini if you’re using Assistant or YouTube Premium

Google has produced quite a lot of Home Minis since its 2017 debut, resulting in semi-frequent discounts and giveaways. We’re fast approaching the date of a new model (Nest Mini) and there’s likely ample stock that still needs to move. If you’re a YouTube Premium or Assistant user, you just might snag one for free.

Thus far, winners have had to pay shipping costs, but otherwise there’s no strings attached (retail price is $49). We’re just days away from the Made by Google hardware event on October 15, so it’s increasingly likely that users could see the free offer. If you want to check, Premium subscribers can simply open the YouTube app or launch Google Assistant on an Android device. If you’re a winner, you’ll see a “Get Free Gift” option. What’s in it for Google? Well, you’re voice, personal info, daily patterns, advertising opportunities… But I won’t be a conspiracy theorist.

As a YouTube Premium user myself, I haven’t been offered a free Home Mini, but here’s hoping.

source: Android Police

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